Sheet metal parts, steel pallets, parts of transport trolleys and various small weldments, if necessary, are passed through a continuous blasting device with blasting wheels in a tunnel version with a roller conveyor. In particular, the purpose of this technology is to remove impurities on the surface of the product, work piece, stillage and welded part such as rust, scale, old coatings and the like. Thus the best possible homogeneity and micro-geometry of the surface is created prior to treatment. Blasting is made exclusively with steel granulate.

Most often we use blasting technology at:

  • removing of corroded products
  • removal of old metal coatings
  • descaling after forming
  • surface cleaning before and after welding
  • surface preparation under organic coatings (paints, powder coating)
  • surface preparation before heat processes
  • surface preparation under galvanic coatings
  • displaying of surface defects
  • removing of sharp edges after machining (deburring)
  Max.length of a part (mm) Max.height of a part (mm) Number or blasting wheels
OTECO Maxima 1500 1500 600 4 x 12 kW