In order to improve the production of small weldments and sheet metal parts divided by laser, die-cutters and progressive tools, we have included vibration plastering technology in the production process, which contributes to the uniformity of surface areas, removes the laser-formed oxidation layer on the edges, sharp edges and micro-joins, various washings and sparks after welding.

Vibrating tumbling (wet drying process) is a bulk pre-treatment of a surface where friction of the tumbling product occurs by vibrating motion in a tumbling drum to which a degreasing liquid or addition of corrosion inhibitors are added, and then the product passes through a drying vibratory drum. On the basis of the specific need and the desired product surface result, tumblers made of different materials (ceramic chips, steel granules, stones, corundum bodies, abrasive-filled plastic bodies, etc.) of various shapes and sizes are added to the drum.