Resistance welding technology
This technology from Schlatter is designed for flexible production of resistance welded industrial networks for a variety of wire products such as shelves and household, office and factory shelves as well as shopping trolleys for department stores, shipping boxes and containers, animal cages, plant site or house fencing , as well as networks suitable for building purposes.

Offered production capacity:
Komad offers and accepts both piece and series production in approx. 400 standard hours per month, thereby achieving the shortest delivery times. The company can also promptly provide material - that is, wire from 3.15mm to 9mm, but this is not a prerequisite for accepting an order.

Technical specification:  
Maximum mesh width 1650 mm
Maximum network length 3000 mm
Max wire diameter 10 mm
Min wire diameter 3 mm
Min cross wire spacing 25 mm
Max wire spacing 200 mm

Note: The output of this technology is always a planar network