Our production program involves the section of metal sheet processing which includes a wide variety of activities - laser cutting, bending, surface treatment, welding - robotized and manual, powder coating technology producing finished products – metal sheet parts and semi-finished products intended for further processing.

This family business is a combination of personal commitment and ambition to be a reliable, serious and trustworthy partner of our customers during the entire process of decision making and management.

Our company delivers its products to the Euro zone Countries, especially through our foreign partners, but also by means of directly supplies. The countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and France are covered by our deliveries.

This philosophy is reflected in the success of our international trade. Almost 95% of the total output products are exported to the countries mentioned above where more than 1500 customers are served. Concerning the domestic market, our products / semi-finished products are subject to further processing in order to produce finished products such as laser cuts, tubes and profiles, welded mesh and the like.